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Responsible Travel Policy


Since the wheels of The Oriental Caravan first started turning, back in the year 2000, we have been committed to a policy of minimum impact tourism.

We travel only in small groups escorted by bilingual leaders who have an affinity with the cultures through which we travel and a desire to facilitate meaningful contact between our groups and the people we encounter. We actively encourage  group members to respect local people and customs whether it be by asking permission when taking photographs or by dressing appropriately.

Our approach has always been small scale and where possible we stay in local, family-run or private accommodation, eat at small local restaurants and drink at local bars. By travelling in small groups we aim to blend into situations and environments rather than dominate or disturb them. We always use small scale local operators and where possible we also employ local guides not just to aid the local economy but also to gain a more intimate understanding of the places we are visiting. Where applicable we also encourage clients to contribute to the local economy by purchasing locally produced handicrafts.

In general, and especially when camping, we work to ensure local operators and  group members maintain a minimum impact policy on the environment loosely summed up by the adage "take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints". Back home at the office, in terms of administration, we run a virtually paperless operation and avoid the production of wasteful, ink-heavy brochures. Unless specifically requested all correspondence is by email and tour information presented online.

We have recently set up links with and donated to the Mitrata-Nepal Foundation for Children, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2000, which provides shelter, medical care and educational opportunities for underprivileged children in Nepal - . Building on this experience we aim to expand our support for local charities in other areas where we operate.

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