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specialists in small group tours of japan, tibet and taiwan

A choice of small group tours and holidays to visit Japan, Tibet and Taiwan


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In the footsteps of poets, pilgrims, merchants and explorers?/font>

 The Oriental Caravan's small group tours of Japan and Taiwan...

Japan - The Land of the Rising Sun

This classic introductory tour of Japan is highly popular and a holiday perfect for those who want to visit Japan’s most famous sights in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo whilst also getting off-the-beaten-track to explore the many wonders of Kyushu. Aside from the gardens, our favourite parts are the magical nights we spend exploring the island of Miyajima and joining in for some old time Japanese rock ‘n?roll in the spa town of Beppu!

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 Japan - The Narrow Road to the Deep North


This fascinating tour around Japan’s mysterious north visits the route taken by the haiku poet Matsuo Basho and is named after his famous Japan tour of 1689. We stay in a variety of characterful local accommodation including Japanese ryokan and monastic, mountaintop shukubo. We witness horseback samurai archery at Nikko’s Toshogu festival and learn the secrets of the self-mummified monks of Tsuruoka. We cruise among Matsushima’s pine-clad islets and at Osore San we tour surely one of the eeriest travel destinations of any holiday in Japan - if not the world!
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Japan - In the Footsteps of Pilgrims

This charming tour is loosely themed on the life of Japan’s greatest monk, the remarkable Kobo Daishi and is about as off-the-beaten-track as you can get within Japan. We concentrate on exploring the sleepy island of Shikoku, one of the few places in the world that mass tourism has yet to find. We visit the mountain-top monasteries of Koya, bathe in the ancient hot springs of Dogo and explore the isolated valleys of Iya, Japan’s ‘Little Tibet? Our old Japan hands love this holiday. Join us to find out why!
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Japan - in Search of the Last Samurai

This unusual tour is loosely based on the life of Japan's most famous samurai warrior Saigo Takamori and visits many of the places associated with his heroic but doomed resistance to imperial rule. We also explore Matsue and the little visited but scenically astounding San-in Coast with its onsen and castle towns before heading to Kyushu and the southernmost town of Kagoshima where we visit Cherry Blossom Island and the kamikaze  museum in Chiran.

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Japan  - a Caravan through the Land of the Ainu

Hokkaido is a land of haunting, natural beauty where vast, virgin forests are cut through by raging icy torrents and huge, brown bears roam in the shadow of towering snow-capped volcanoes - a magical, and in many ways still unexplored, wilderness.  With this new, exciting tour of Japan it becomes the last of the archipelago’s four main islands to be touched by the ever turning wheels of The Oriental Caravan.

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 The Oriental Caravan's small group tour of Taiwan...

Taiwan -a Caravan to the Beautiful Isle

Taiwan the beautiful! The Oriental Caravan's tour around Taiwan seeks out and explores the rich diversity of what is perhaps Asia's best kept travel secret. This unique itinerary reveals Taiwan at a relaxed pace with, wherever possible, gentle walks providing the medium for exploration. A tour of Taiwan is not a tour of Taiwan unless its a holiday aboard The Oriental Caravan!

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