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Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Say NO to ID cards
Say NO2ID and the database state
D.o.H Health advice for Travellers Department of Health logo
MASTA - Travellers health advice
UK Passport Office - UK passport information
Universal Currency Converter
Protect your medical privacy  
Why you should renew your passport now NO2ID
Travcour (UK)  a fast, efficient and cost effective visa service Return to home page
Airline Quality - useful site with good tips and comparisons World Airline & Airport Rating
Amnesty International Amnesty International
Al Jazeera - English language version of this excellent news gathering service
BBC News - still good, but a pale shadow of its former self!
First Features - sell that story with UK's No.1 yarn agency Katy Weitz
Around the World by Bike - ongoing (as of 06/08/05) charity ride by amusing writer Alastair Humphreys
Jupiter Design - Creators of The Oriental Caravan logo! Enter Site
The Massage Place - for the best massage in Edinburgh!
Fathom Taiwan - interesting take on Taiwan by John Harding
Jan Dodd Home Page Writer of Rough Guide to Japan (1999 Guidebook of the Year)
Karakorum Explorers Probably the best tour operator in Pakistan logo-kke.gif (6377 bytes)
Sussex Japan Society 
Gareth Jones Tribute site to the fascinating life of this distinguished Welsh traveller and journalist.
Khazaria Info Centre - definitive guide to the Turkic world
Cafetrip - General travel website
Radio Free Asia - excellent source of non -government controlled news broadcast in main Asian languages  Radio Free Asia Home Page
Lascaux Caves - a virtual tour around the greatest treasure house of prehistoric art in Europe - fantastic! The site : discovery and context
Books from Taiwan!
The Jinpa Project - a small local charity working in remote areas of Tibet homepage
Guantanamo - latest news from America's disgrace
Vegetarian Vacations - The Veggie Tours Directory
Edo Japan - Excellent site depicting the Japan of yore
International Dunhuang Project
Active New Zealand - ideas for beyond Japan! ACTIVE NEW ZEALAND
Relojapan ReloJapan
Asia Travel Directory
Escape Adventures - small group biking holidays
First Light Travel - New Zealand travel New Zealand travel
Rittenhouse Square Hotels
Family Breaks My Family Break
Places Online
Mitrata Nepal - helping under-privileged children in Nepal
Wandering Heights Adventure experts in Canada


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