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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Tokyo...



Summer 2004


Dear All,

Please find herewith a selection of photos taken on The Oriental Caravan's recent Spring and Autumn departures of the Land of the Rising Sun. We hope you will enjoy...



miyajima.jpg (37961 bytes) charlie.jpg (55369 bytes)
'Floating' torii gate, Miyajima Island

 'Warm up' entertainer, Asakusa, Tokyo

door.jpg (53701 bytes) medhead.jpg (54964 bytes)
 Chess players in Nagasaki Wooden statue of 'healing' Buddha, Nara 

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geisha.jpg (66827 bytes)

nagasaki.jpg (270319 bytes)
Maiko Cherry Blossom Dance, Kyoto

Nagasaki Harbour

corner.jpg (45150 bytes)   

miyaji_3.jpg (58625 bytes)

House at sunset in Kyushu The Oriental Caravan's ground staff in Miyaji


glover.jpg (61323 bytes)

Grounds of Thomas Glover's house in Nagasaki




girlz.JPG (42194 bytes)

Different views of Tokyo


nosmo_king.jpg (47833 bytes)

In other words... Sign, Todai-ji, Nara

HIroshima.jpg (44882 bytes)

blossom.jpg (83949 bytes)
Memorial Cenotaph, Peace Park, Hiroshima
   Walking beneath cherry blossom in Korakuen Park, Okayama
flower.jpg (394939 bytes)

chin.JPG (34043 bytes)

Small white flowers in Nagasaki

 Bartop object in Beppu



NO.jpg (62169 bytes)

pirate.jpg (46784 bytes)

Anti-Yakuza (Japan's mafia) poster in Shianbashi, Nagasaki's nightlife district

Pirate eyes, Hakone

paint.JPG (47893 bytes)


fuji.jpg (29165 bytes)

Painting a white wall white in Kyoto
Mt. Fuji, barely visible beyond Lake Ashi

nijo.jpg (49187 bytes)

Nijo castle moat, Kyoto



hydro.jpg (55429 bytes)

Two engineers from Kyoto, Tanabe Sakuro and Takagi Bunpei, visited the mining town of Aspen in 1888 to study an innovative hydroelectric plant on the Roaring Fork River. With the knowledge they acquired in Colorado, the two built Japan's first hydro power plant (pictured above) in 1891, bringing water from Lake Biwa through a tunnel to supply Kyoto. The plant reportedly powered not only Kyoto's new textile mills but also Japan's first electric trams and lighting for local homes -  text courtesy of Bill Hosokawa

torii_rope.jpg (269551 bytes)

Kyoto Torii

3_bikes.jpg (42582 bytes)

golden_temple.jpg (44819 bytes)

School boy cyclists in small town Kyushu    Golden temple, Kyoto

flag.JPG.JPG (38736 bytes)

ship.jpg (57104 bytes)

Nishi Honganji Temple, Kyoto 'Pirate' ship on Lake Ashi, Hakone


fork.JPG (48752 bytes) cross.jpg (28379 bytes)

Levitating fork

Looking across to Mount Aso, Kyushu

camel.JPG (47853 bytes)    tree.JPG (47597 bytes)

wire camel, Nagasaki 

Sumiya Pleasure House, Kyoto

lantern.jpg (34815 bytes)

Lantern embossed with the symbol of the Chrysanthemum Throne, Nara

mugshot.jpg (56956 bytes)
Mugshots of villains accessible by mobile

Kurama no Hi Fire Festival...*

Kurashima_fire3.jpg (41512 bytes)

Bare-faced torch bearer at Kurashima no Hi 'Fire Festival', near Kyoto 

many.jpg (41324 bytes)

Spectators faces lit up by passing torches

float3.jpg (30978 bytes)

Kurashima_fire4.jpg (34519 bytes)

Float from the Yuki jinja-shrine in Kurama being carried through the streets 

The torchlit procession makes its way along the aproach to Yuki Jinja shrine

kurashima_no_hi copy.jpg (34022 bytes)

Kurashima_fire1.jpg (44949 bytes)

Each year at nightfall on October 22, in one of Japan's most dramatic festivals the two portable shrines of the Kyoto Yuki Shrine (affiliated with the temple Kurama-dera) are paraded  among torch-carrying crowds. Afterwards, large torches are carried about the grounds of the shrine until dawn. * Next year, 2005, The Oriental Caravan will be in Kyoto just in time to witness this exciting and unforgettable event. 



john.jpg (35838 bytes)

torii.jpg (27507 bytes)

Fading photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken during their stay at the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone

Torii gate at sunset on the summit of Mt. Tsurumi-dake, Beppu

sumo.JPG (57713 bytes)

phil.jpg (66462 bytes)

Sumo on the telly

Another working lunch for Chief Caravaneer and tireless gastrophile, Phil Colley

That's all for the moment. 

The Oriental Caravan
will soon be heading off to the Altai Mountains of sunny Siberia. We'll be in touch to let you know how it all goes!

With best wishes from,


and all aboard The Oriental Caravan




RUSSIA - A Caravan through the Siberian Altai (trekking): departs 24/07/04

CHINA - A Caravan along the Southern Silk Road: departs 17/08/04

JAPAN - The Narrow Road to the Deep North: departs 03/10/04

JAPAN - The Land of the Rising Sun: departs 22/10/04

LIBYA - A Caravan across the Acacus: departs 21/12/04

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