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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 


June 2007

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Bowl and chopsticks, Koya san

Yashio-tsutsuji azaleas in the mountains above Nikko


Monks at Mampukuji Zen Temple, Obaku


Lake Yunoko, Nikko The Iya River flowing
through the centre of Shikoku
Nozomi and Hikari Railstar  Bullet trains Maiko girl waits to cross the road in the Gion district of Kyoto Yakitori grilled chicken restaurants in Yurakucho

Late afternoon on the Inland Sea Wartime children's boardgame celebrating the solidarity of the various axis nations

Tokyo train carriage

Shinkyo Bridge, Nikko On the shores of the lake that lies
 between this world and the next, Osore San
Japanese parasols, Matsuyama Cloudy day at Chuzenji Lake, Nikko
Daruma dolls. Read more... Two turquoise dragonflies


With a statue of the Reclining Buddha in the foreground Japan's greatest Buddhist saint, Kobo Daishi, looks out across the pacific from Muroto Cape Soft drink advertisement Mikoshi shrine carried during the Jidai Matsuri festival in Nikko
Maiko, apprentice geiko, perform during April's Miyako Odori Cherry Blossom dance Environmental protestor, Nikko Maiko, apprentice geiko, perform during April's Miyako Odori Cherry Blossom dance

Nameboard in Minamata of the Chisso Corporation, the company at the centre of the 50'/60's Minamata mercury poisoning scandal. Read more... Incense smoke caught in the sunlight at Senso-ji Temple in Tokyo Roots of the sacred camphor tree at Furusato Kanko Hotel on Sakurajima

Helicopter view of Mount Aso volcano - Pat Ribbans (thanks Pat!) 

Jizo statue, Haguro-san Cod sperm and Wakame seaweed salad - not for veggies!

Seats in Mount Aso Station Lucky Taxi logo, Nagasaki A model in Matsuyama Castle showing the pre-industrial whale butchering process



White orchid ran in Beppu's Umi Jigoku hothouse Dining out in Miyajima 

 Hama Rikyu Garden Teahouse, scene of Ulysses Grant's meeting with the Meiji Emperor





That's all for the now.

Wishing you a safe
and happy summer.

With best wishes,

from Phil

and all aboard
The Oriental Caravan


Bright lights of Ginza, Tokyo          




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