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More Photos from Bhutan

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Point.jpg (54638 bytes)

Sun thing.jpg (63712 bytes)

Mango.jpg (70159 bytes)

Girl in Thimpu Market

Nepalese representation of the Sun

Oranges on sale

Logging.jpg (50136 bytes)

Pepper.jpg (47189 bytes)

Valley.jpg (37639 bytes)

Loading logs in Gangtey (Phobjika Valley) 

Chillies are the Bhutanese favourite food commonly found cooked with cheese in the traditional dish ema datse

Looking toward Ngang Lhakang, Bumthang Valley

Cheese.jpg (46041 bytes)

PIT.jpg (67944 bytes)

Consecrator.jpg (53924 bytes)

Strings of chugo, hard dried yak cheese

Income tax comes to Bhutan - poster at Thimpu Post Office

Before a new house is built the ground is consecrated by a qualified monk as here at a site near the Ugyen Chholing Palace, Bumthang valley

Bhutanese_fire_engine.jpg (60530 bytes)

Four_stupas.jpg (75688 bytes)

Gangtey_Gompa.jpg (39352 bytes)

Bhutanese fire engine, Wangdue Phodrang 

Four styles of Chorten (from L. to R: Nepalese, Ladakhi, Tibetan, Bhutanese) en route from Thimpu to Paro

The central utse tower at Gangtey Gompa undergoing demolition due to earthquake damage

Red_flag.jpg (35685 bytes)

Takstang_hemitage.jpg (46700 bytes)

Karma_Choki_with_husband.jpg (53398 bytes)

Prayer flag in the sun, Phephe La Pass

Taksthang - Tiger's Lair Hermitage

Phil's 'adopted sister' Karma Choki with husband

Wangdue_Phodrang_Dzong.jpg (60030 bytes)

Postcards.jpg (63162 bytes)

Wrathful_deity.jpg (70996 bytes)

Trongsa Dzong

Postcards on sale in Kathmandu

Wrathful deity with convenient stomach mouth

Paro_dzong.jpg (29805 bytes)

Man2.JPG (60006 bytes)

Viewing_black-necked_cranes.jpg (13948 bytes)

Silhouette in Paro Dzong

Village man in the Bumthang valley

Viewing the rare black-necked crane in Phobjika Valley (Gangtey)

Two_monks.jpg (50448 bytes)

Fire.jpg (15926 bytes)

Running_monks.jpg (45758 bytes)

Two monks from Gangtey Gompa

Keeping warm on trek

Young monks in a hurry

A_log.jpg (36115 bytes)

Paro watchtower.jpg (34283 bytes)

Shadow.jpg (23011 bytes)

Taking the log for a walk

The conch shaped watchtower at Paro Dzong (now the National Museum)

 Paro Dzong

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