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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Kyushu...

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Autumn 2002

Dear All,

Konnichi wa! 

The Oriental Caravan has just returned from another great railway journey around Japan. Please scroll on for a glimpse of Japan this Autumn...


Daisen in.jpg (122464 bytes)

Canon.jpg (41574 bytes)

Daishoin temple, Miyajima island

Canon - bodhisattva of compassion

Japanese_pigeon.jpg (97691 bytes)

Takachiho gorge.jpg (72749 bytes)

Japanese Pigeon

Takachiho gorge, Kyushu

Maple.jpg (29523 bytes)

Hiking.jpg (42866 bytes)

Maple leaves on  Miyajima Island

Hiking near Yufu Dake, Beppu

Lanterns.jpg (34288 bytes)

Fushimi Inari gates.jpg (36677 bytes)

Lanterns at Kasuga JInya, Nara

Tunnel of torii gates on Inari Mountain, Kyoto

Blue skies and long days of warm sunshine provided the ideal conditions for hikes in the hills and forests of Kyushu's volcanic island - all against the dramatic backdrop of  Autumn's changing leaves.

Kyushu, one of Japan's four  main islands,  is home to  some of Japan's oldest myths and legends. In Takachiho the sulking sun goddess, Amaterasu, hid away in a cave for many years thus plunging the world into darkness - she was only coaxed out by the lewd dance of a fellow god thus bringing  sunshine back to the world.   
Flowerbowl.jpg (34438 bytes) Izanagi and Izanami.JPG (46133 bytes)

A flower in a bowl

Izanami and Izanagi, mythical progenitors of the people of Japan 

Torii gates.jpg (30005 bytes)

Kumamoto Castle.jpg (31154 bytes)

Sunlit torii gates as offerings on Inari Mountain

Kumamoto castle

Dancers.jpg (64474 bytes)

Float.jpg (58435 bytes)

Dancers at the Okunchi festival, Nagasaki

The Seven Lucky Gods arrive by float

Rock_museum.jpg (69373 bytes)

Perambulators.jpg (61070 bytes)

Rock n' Roll 'Museum', Harajuku, Tokyo

By pram to the festival

Throughout Japan festivals are an important part of  the cultural calendar. The Okunichi festival, held in October in Nagasaki, is one of Japan's most famous and marks the end of the harvest. 
The Oriental Caravan was honoured to have aboard this time its first honeymoon couple - many congratulations to John and Kate and all the best for the future!

That's all for now. Postcards from Korea and Tibet will be with you soon.

Happy travels!

From Phil 

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan 


Yukatta.jpg (103749 bytes) Shinjuku.jpg (55166 bytes)


Tokyo backstreet eateries

Just_married.jpg (35607 bytes) Sensoji Incense.jpg (42646 bytes)
What better way to start upon life's greatest journey than aboard The Oriental Caravan!

Senso-ji temple, Tokyo

Land of the Rising Sun Itinerary

Next Kyushu departures :  28th March and 24th October 2003



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