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More Photos from Mount Kailash


Details of The Oriental Caravan's May 2010 expedition to Kailash and the Kingdom of Guge will appear here soon...

If you would like us to let you know when this happens please request info by clicking here

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Amber.JPG (60685 bytes)

Hui traders, Lhasa.JPG (67726 bytes)

Water carriers.JPG (62648 bytes)

Amber headwear

Hui moslem traders in Lhasa


Black horse at Mansarovar.JPG (32532 bytes)

Charnel ground above Saga Dawa site.JPG (51366 bytes)

Sky girls.JPG (18819 bytes)

Black horse at Lake Mansarovar

Sky burial ground

Nomad girls

Prayer flags.JPG (61162 bytes)

Headress.JPG (61404 bytes)

Chiu Gompa.JPG (31148 bytes)

Prayer flags

Saga Dawa crowd

Chiu Gompa, on the isthmus between lakes Mansarovar and Raksas Tal

Demolition Lhasa.JPG (46740 bytes)

Girl in Tibet.JPG (55035 bytes)

Kailash in colour.JPG (17764 bytes)

Demolition in Lhasa



Kailash view.JPG (46342 bytes)

Sga Dawa 2.JPG (39361 bytes) Kailash79.JPG (45732 bytes)

Kailash from Chiu Gompa

Saga Dawa pole

Approach to Kailash

Ferry.JPG (36775 bytes)

Kailash 7.JPG (28269 bytes)

Yak dung stacked for fuel.JPG (96038 bytes)

Ferry across the Tsangpo


Yak dung stacked

Mao.JPG (62109 bytes)

Tibetan ladies.JPG (59438 bytes)

Ferryman.JPG (35242 bytes)

Chairman Mao says "Ni hao!"

Khampa ladies


Flagged Kailash.JPG (19667 bytes)

Lingam Mansarovar.JPG (18243 bytes)

Pligrim trucks on a pass.JPG (41230 bytes)

Kailash seen through prayer flags

Lingam by Lake Mansarovar

Pilgrim trucks en route to Kailash

DSCN3398.JPG (45936 bytes)

Potala entrance.JPG (70634 bytes)

Chiu Gompa1.JPG (24114 bytes)

Girl (J. Ludlow)

Potala Palace entrance

Kailash from Chiu Gompa

DSCN3296.JPG (73985 bytes)

Kailash approach.JPG (30343 bytes)

Chiu Gompa View.JPG (42270 bytes)

Prayer flags (J. Ludlow)

Kailash approach

Kailash from Chiu Gompa

Lakeshore.JPG (85820 bytes)

Lung ta.JPG (58452 bytes)

Clash1.JPG (74558 bytes)

The shore of Lake Mansarovar


One strange morning...


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