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Over two thousand years ago the great Qin Shi Huang became the first emperor to unify an identifiable China - in fact it is from his name that the word 'China' is derived. The Terracotta Warriors, an entire army of life size figures, modelled on his actual soldiers at the time, was created to protect him on his journey to the next world. Forgotten by time and lost to earth this funerary extravagance lay undisturbed until its discovery in 1974 by a peasant digging for in the fields near Xian. The Oriental Caravan was recently given unprecedented access to photograph within the museum that has since grown up around that find.  

Painted Head copy.JPG (22080 bytes)

Charioteer copy.JPG (31459 bytes)

Warrior in a row copy.JPG (37554 bytes)

Head (in original painted state)

Bronze chariot with charioteer

 Standing warriors

Painted Armour copy.JPG (53348 bytes)

Low Chariot1 copy.JPG (34214 bytes)

Justice2 copy.JPG (32897 bytes)

As found - with original colourings

Bronze Chariot

Lifeless values - young man lead away to execution after trying to lasso mud head

Pit one copy.JPG (39027 bytes)

Standing soldier copy.JPG (35425 bytes)

Soldiers on sale.JPG (58099 bytes)

Pit No. 1 In the photo behind the figure sits the, as yet unexcavated, funeral mound in which Qin remains entombed - surrounded, it is said, by rivers of mercury. Warrior models for sale

Local guide copy.JPG (35584 bytes)

Close up of a head copy.JPG (21927 bytes)

Command Pit (PIt 3) copy.JPG (43317 bytes)

Informative guides abound


Headless leaders - Command Pit (Pit No.3)


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