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ak_kem_lake.jpg (33759 bytes)

The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Siberia...


goatcamp.jpg (48260 bytes)

Ak Kem Lake and Mount Belucha

Camp at Oroktoy Brook

December 2004

The following are a selection of photos taken on The Oriental Caravan's summer trek 
through the Siberian Altai...



horseman2.JPG (46532 bytes)

click on any image to see it enlarged

bluebell.jpg (57624 bytes)



Posters_barnaul.jpg (54887 bytes)

Revolutionary posters, Barnaul Museum

philphoto.jpg (54094 bytes)

Phil before the descent into Tekkelu Valley

Elaine_river.jpg (68820 bytes)

Final night's camp by Kucherla River

Campfire.jpg (42041 bytes)

Evening entertainment

marsha.jpg (42123 bytes)

broadbelucha.jpg (38739 bytes)

Approaching Yarlu Valley


philruth.jpg (72000 bytes)

walk6.jpg (38381 bytes)

descent.jpg (49296 bytes)

Ruth and Phil 

Traversing an Altai hillside

Alex descending from Sarybel pass

fungi.jpg (88275 bytes)


IMAGE803.JPG (30134 bytes)

mothdoor.JPG (53793 bytes)

Boletus granulatus?

Wendy looks out toward Mt. Belucha

Siberian moths spend their final hours congregated around a chalet door

baba.jpg (43193 bytes)

Inspecting an ancient 'Baba' stone, evidence of earlier Turkic/Mongol influence

valley.jpg (45430 bytes)

These valleys are home to elk, bear and wolf

horses.jpg (47053 bytes)

Horse caravan descending Karatyurek pass

Group_kucherla_river.jpg (77232 bytes)

Campfire cooking

boat.jpg (45781 bytes)

ruth1.jpg (42450 bytes)

Ruth measuring some time

Crossing Ak Kem Lake

philfire2.jpg (35322 bytes)

jen.jpg (23053 bytes)

Jen greets the morning

norbert3.jpg (67520 bytes)

Phil plays Jethro Tull's 'Dun Ringell'

Noted mycologist Norbert hard at work with his trusty field guide

red_fungi.jpg (41487 bytes)

walk3.JPG (40427 bytes)

Mushrooms_katun.jpg (58639 bytes)

Unknown yellow-pored bolete

Walking near Oroktoy brook

Horse mushrooms (agaricus arvensis) picked form near the banks of the Kucherla River

walk1.jpg (51680 bytes)

Descending toward the Tukhman lakes

cep.jpg (30504 bytes)

goatcamp2.jpg (56401 bytes)

Campsite near Oroktoy Brook

Fine specimen of a Cep or Penny Bun mushroom  
(boletus edulis)

Rock.jpg (31881 bytes)

Barnaul's Rock and Roll Café

Hare.jpg (53292 bytes)

A Passer-by in Barnaul uses his umbrella to shelter a Hare Krishna accordionist

Fly agaric (amanita muscaria) - an important mushroom in man's cultural development and quite possibly the soma of the Rig Veda 

Marshmush.jpg (52191 bytes)

horseman.JPG (51140 bytes)

Our horseman 

Marshmushhand.jpg (49856 bytes)

Marsha prepares a mushroom feast

A medley of boletes

norbert2.jpg (73349 bytes)

horsehair.JPG (59789 bytes)

Deep in the forest

cook1.jpg (59653 bytes)

Norbert reflects upon boiling  water

Marsha tends the fire

Ruth_mush.jpg (34294 bytes)

Ruth with a large unidentified fungi

norbert4.JPG (35106 bytes)

bracket.jpg (86246 bytes)

Unidentified bracket fungi

Norbert sits atop a Cep (boletus edulis)

Pass.jpg (53086 bytes)

Lunch stop on Karatyurek Pass (3060m)

alex.jpg (48360 bytes)

campblue.jpg (73239 bytes)

Goat camp


tree_fungi.jpg (48683 bytes)

yarlu_temple.jpg (57906 bytes)

'Temple' at the head of Yarlu Valley with connections to the mystic Roerich and self-appointed guru Rikla

ruthmarsha.jpg (59703 bytes)

Unidentified tree fungi

Ruth and Marsha in the Valley of the Seven Lakes

ruth3.jpg (54306 bytes)

Rikla.jpg (55409 bytes)

Rikla disciples based in the Yarlu valley show a photo of their fire-producing guru

kucherla.jpg (44574 bytes)

Ruth en route to Karatyurek Pass

Kucherla River

Phil_2_hrs_into_his_40th_year.jpg (46509 bytes)

Casino bar of the Hotel Tsentralnya, Barnaul

Boris.jpg (45678 bytes)

Barnaul2.jpg (51918 bytes)

Helen, our guide in Barnaul, points out the city sights  

The amazing Boris

Group_phil;.jpg (58543 bytes)

We hope you enjoyed the photos!

With best wishes from Phil

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan 

sevenlake.jpg (46770 bytes)

TOC's first intrepid group of Caravaneers embellishing a Soviet era statue

In the Valley of the Seven Lakes

phil.jpg (48663 bytes)

ak_kem_lake2.jpg (39544 bytes)

BIRTHDAY.jpg (47404 bytes)


Ak Kem Lake

A Siberian birthday!


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