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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Kailash...



Summer 2004


Dear All,

The following are a selection of photos taken on The Oriental Caravan's recent expedition to Tibet and Mount Kailash, the mountain at the centre of the universe...



girl2.jpg (41209 bytes) camp3.jpg (60757 bytes)
Nomad girl, Paryang

The Oriental Caravan's campsite near Mt. Shishipangma

sand.jpg (27794 bytes) potala.jpg (52837 bytes)
 Walking on sand dunes en route to Kailash

Chinese writing on the wall that separates this Tibetan pilgrim from the Potala Palace, former seat of the Tibetan Government

click on any image to see it enlarged


Click here for the 2002 Postcard to Mount Kailash

dune.jpg (35072 bytes)

kumbum2.jpg (69478 bytes)
Dunes en route to Kailash

Gyangtse Kumbum and Palkhor Monastery, Gyangtse

sheep.jpg (53182 bytes)   

band.jpg (73984 bytes)

Sheep near Mt. Shishipangma, the only 8000 metre mountain entirely in tibet Monks presiding over the Saga Dawa festival 


redwall2.jpg (56937 bytes)

One of the few remaining original buildings in the Barkhor area of Lhasa

phil2.jpg (49439 bytes)

Chief Caravaneer Phil Colley pauses near Drira Phuk Monastery - with Kailash in the background


kids.jpg (47950 bytes)

Nomad children at Paryang, en route to Kailash


lakeview.jpg (22797 bytes)

Lake Mansarovar shoreline at sunset with Mount Kailash in the distance

pool.jpg (51048 bytes)

thing.jpg (60880 bytes)
Man on his way for a game of pool
'Ancient Thing Store', Barkhor, Lhasa

IMAGE3903.JPG (45421 bytes)

potala_paint.jpg (49555 bytes)

Pilgrims approaching the foot of the Drolma La Pass, Kailash

Room in the grounds of the Potala Palace used, for making the red paint that coats the Palace's walls

dazza's_pad.jpg (36573 bytes)

jokhang_phallus.jpg (50808 bytes)

Chinese tourists outside the chapel and private quarters of the Dalai Lama, exiled ruler of Tibet

Mysterious phallus protruding from an upper wall at the Jokhang temple in Lhasa


shiva_tsal.jpg (65679 bytes)

gamow_bag.jpg (57761 bytes)

Discarded items of clothing at Shiva Tsal as pilgrims symbolically leave their former life behind 'Gamow' bag demonstration - used to treat symptoms of AMS

mongoose.jpg (56407 bytes)

Jewel-vomiting Mongoose, Palkhor Monastery, Gyangtse


As part of a project for the pupils of Ingleton Middle School The Oriental Caravan was accompanied on its expedition by young 'Travelling Teddy' Jasper (see below). Arctophiles (bear lovers!) will be pleased to know that Jasper, too, made a successful circumambulation of the sacred mountain and is now safely back in Lancashire...


Jasper_reaching_for_his_cup.jpg (56716 bytes) j2.jpg (63783 bytes) jasper.jpg (51181 bytes)
Contemplating the journey ahead Jasper reaches for his teacup as he looks out upon a rainy Kathmandu Jasper relaxing near a yak horn  Jasper - urbane and ursine as ever
j8.jpg (53651 bytes)

Jasper watching the river flow

j3.jpg (68226 bytes) j5.jpg (54443 bytes)
Jasper in Lhasa Multi-talented Japsper playing his favourite number 'Ursula's Song'


potala_poster.jpg (63812 bytes)

Development hoarding near the Potala Palace, Lhasa

kate.jpg (48786 bytes)

The wonders of digital cameras

girl.jpg (35037 bytes)
Nomad girl, with oversized sunglasses, at Saga Dawa festival

horse.jpg (52674 bytes)

Horse near Shishipangma

ear_trumpet2.jpg (46028 bytes)

statue.jpg (42101 bytes)

Pilgrim attempting to receive spiritual merit by placing his ear at the mouth of the horn  Under construction - multi-armed statue of deity with consort, Gyangtse


crane.jpg (44911 bytes)

turquoise.jpg (76674 bytes)

Pair of rare Black-necked Cranes - as lifelong mates the cranes are a symbol of fidelity

Turquoise on sale in Lhasa

drira.jpg (52013 bytes)


drolma_la.jpg (72648 bytes)

Drira Phuk Monastery, now restored after its destruction in the Cultural Revolution, is one of three small monasteries on the Kailash kora

At 5700m the Drolma La, festooned with prayer flags, is the highest point of the circumambulation and symbolically marks the moment of rebirth

trio.jpg (44862 bytes)

This chorten marks the start of the Kailash kora or circuit


flags.jpg (38784 bytes)

The Tarboche flag pole is raised to an upright position each year at the Saga Dawa festival. This year there were problems in its erection, something which is not considered to be a good omen!

solar.jpg (42221 bytes)

Small scale solar power at a tent restaurant in Paryang

north_face.jpg (42509 bytes)

close_up.jpg (61245 bytes)

North face of Kailash Close up of Kailash's north face

nw_edge.jpg (37335 bytes)

glacier.jpg (45611 bytes)

Kailash's north west corner Glacier at the foot of Kailash's north face



shiva.jpg (42526 bytes)

tarboche2.jpg (64347 bytes)

Kailash is also considered to be  the home of the Hindu deity Shiva whose symbol, the trident, is seen here on the Drolma La

The almost straight Tarboche flag pole

car.jpg (29918 bytes)

toc.jpg (60916 bytes)

TOC Landcruiser 

TOC signage succumbs to sand
track.jpg (33273 bytes)

Will this track become a road around Kailash? Worrying reports suggest there are plans to build a road around this sacred and otherwise almost  pristine place...

The Oriental Caravan will next be making its way through the forests and mountains of the Siberian Altai. We hope you like the photos!


With best wishes 


from Phil and all aboard The Oriental Caravan



ferry.jpg (62466 bytes) heli2.jpg (61019 bytes)

The Oriental Caravan convoy boards the Tsangpo ferry

On our return to Nepal, due to 'road problems' we travelled in style back to Kathmandu... 

(Mouseover for take off!)

north_face9.jpg (41812 bytes)

sevgi.jpg (50354 bytes)

Kailash's northern face

All pleased to have accomplished the Kailash kora!



JAPAN - The Narrow Road to the Deep North: departs 03/10/04

JAPAN - The Land of the Rising Sun: departs 22/10/04, 18/03/05 and 01/04/05

LIBYA - A Caravan across the Acacus: departs 21/12/04 - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!

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