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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from 



September 2005

more photos

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jizo.jpg (73624 bytes)

Jizo statue Yamadera  

Fuji_bush.jpg (61201 bytes)

dried_monk.jpg (41649 bytes)

Mount Fuji as seen from the from the banks of Lake Ashi

self-mummified 19th c. monk, on display in a temple in Tsuruoka 

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Miyajima Torii5 copy.jpg (41696 bytes)

aso_group.jpg (45657 bytes)

Miyajima's famous 'floating' torii at sunset
(courtesy Bob Crowe)

Atop Mount Aso volcano, 
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

dotomburi_canal.jpg (52260 bytes)


hanami_suiznji.jpg (77177 bytes)

Kegon_falls.jpg (36339 bytes)

Osaka by night

Cherry blossom picnic, 

Kyogen falls, Nikko

kyushu_first_phone.jpg (58991 bytes)

hama_group.jpg (81064 bytes)

sleeper.jpg (70450 bytes)

Chief Caravaneer about to log on in Kyushu's first ever public telephone
 box, introduced in 1959 
more photos

Spring Caravaneers in Tokyo 
courtesy Jo-Ann Trevethick)

taking a break in Nikko

antony_and_sharon.jpg (49223 bytes)

dotomburi_lights.jpg (71541 bytes)

A birthday party to remember...
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

Bright lights, big city - Osaka

shoseiin_garden_kyoto.jpg (74835 bytes)

jan_stan_yev.jpg (43320 bytes)

Contemplating the ducks
 in Shosein Garden, Kyoto

Stanislav, Yevgeny and Jan 
cruising through the bay of Matsushima


asakusa_yaki.jpg (48412 bytes)

a_dome.jpg (65021 bytes)

Anthony.jpg (47409 bytes)

An august group of Caravaneers preparing Okonomi-yaki in Tokyo

Man walking his dog past the A Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, one of the few buildings to survive the cataclysmic blast of 8.15am August 6th, 1945

After hours in Miyaji
(courtesy of Antony Helliwell)

beppu_lily.jpg (66568 bytes)

clair.jpg (44188 bytes)

bank_of_japan.jpg (58510 bytes)

Glasshouse lilies, Beppu

Clairvoyant chimpanzee

The Bank of Japan, Tokyo (modelled on the Bank of England)

hama_corner.jpg (42481 bytes)

iom_fuji.jpg (54742 bytes)

View from the teahouse in Hama Rikyu garden 
site of Emperor Meiji's meeting with visiting 
US President Ulysses Grant in 1879

The Isle of Man flower club 
with Mount Fuji in the distance

kimonos1.jpg (61020 bytes)

sumida_asahi_boat.jpg (42249 bytes)

inland_sea.jpg (21394 bytes)

Kimono clad girls 
in the grounds of Himeiji Castle

Hi-tec cruise ship on the Sumida River passing by Philippe Starke's Asahi Flame building in Tokyo

Mist shrouded islands 
of Japan's Inland Sea

recruit2.jpg (65217 bytes)

 hama_matsu.jpg (56765 bytes)

todaiji.jpg (63083 bytes)

Recruitment poster, Himeiji

View through a twisted pine

Nara's Todaiji temple, largest wooden building in the world

himeiji_tiles.jpg (33759 bytes)

mitsukoshi.jpg (68136 bytes)

844_cafe.jpg (45372 bytes)

Eaves in Himeiji Castle 

Giant statue of huge statue of Magokuro, the Shinto Goddess of Sincerity, situated in Tokyo's Mitsukoshi department store

Chief Caravaneer with acclaimed artist Shinya Yamamoto and assistant Akira Yuichi at Shinya's famous 844 Cafe

yudonoko.jpg (37546 bytes)

iom_biker.jpg (57187 bytes)

cut_grass.jpg (64020 bytes)

The shores of Lake Yunoko, high above the town of Nikko

Leonore flies the Manx flag in front of Japan's '0 mile marker' on Japan's Nihonbashi bridge

Lawn cutting with scissors, Beppu

ZhongRiYouYi.jpg (60493 bytes)

Landmark_yoko2.jpg (55934 bytes)

Yokohama_harbour.jpg (56478 bytes)

Monument with poems by Zhou En Lai commemorating the Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Japan and China, in Arashiyama,near Kyoto. 
Zhou En Lai's stay in Japan 
more photos

Landmark Tower, Yokohama

Yokohama night scene

decor.jpg (44312 bytes)

yasakuni_gate.jpg (41308 bytes)

yasakuni_banzai.jpg (59405 bytes)

Koya San temple interior

Entering the grounds of Yasakuni Shrine, Tokyo

Bas relief commemorating 1930's victories of the Imperial Army in China on the approach to Yasakuni Shrine, Tokyo

umi_eggs.jpg (30794 bytes)

yamadera.jpg (29564 bytes)

Boiling eggs, Umi Jigoku 'Sea Hell' Beppu

Red umbrella, Yamadera

osore_crow.jpg (26679 bytes)

hama_teahouse.jpg (43149 bytes)

Crow takes a rest, Osore san

Dwarfed teahouse, Hama Rikyu Garden, Tokyo

musk_melon.jpg (43608 bytes)

shinkyo_bashi.jpg (53962 bytes)

Boxed set of two musk melons 
costing 42,000 yen (approx GBP210)

Recently renovated Shin-kyo bridge, 


 statue1.jpg (48402 bytes)

shinjuku_koen.jpg (75549 bytes)

saigo_takamori.jpg (74271 bytes)

Figure, Okuno-in, Koya San 

Late afternoon stroll 
in Shinjuku Koen Park

Statue of Saigo Takamori,
 the real 'Last Samurai', in Ueno Park

shojin_ryori.jpg (44959 bytes)

IoM_miyajima.jpg (58841 bytes)

Aerial view of typical shojin ryori 
Japanese vegetarian meal

Manx caravaneers 
clad in traditional Japanese yukatta

mendicant_drum.jpg (56264 bytes)

rope1.jpg (45482 bytes)

nara_deer.jpg (54798 bytes)

Sunlight on a monk 
near Yasakuni shrine

Shinto symbols

Deer, Nara

suiz.jpg (50569 bytes)

overcommitment.jpg (37000 bytes)

IMG_42771 copy.jpg (45613 bytes)

Tree, Suizenji 
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

"Diviner than the A that there is none" - T shirt on Osore-san statue

Torii tunnel 
(courtesy of Bob Crowe)

mannequin.jpg (52275 bytes)

okuno_disc.jpg (80565 bytes)

Laughing kimono-clad mannequin

Stele, Okuno-in, Koya-san

 Sakura 01val copy.jpg (55982 bytes)

That's all for the now. There'll be more photos online soon from The Oriental Caravan's summer trek through the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Until then, best wishes,

 from Phil

and all aboard The Oriental Caravan


more photos (Japan 2004/2005)

Cherry blossom, Beppu 
(courtesy Val Robertson)

N.B. Most of the above photos were taken on either our 'Land of the Rising Sun' or 'Narrow Road to the Deep North' journeys around Japan.



Trips for 2006...

Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North

Mongolia - a trek through the land of the Khans

Tibet - Mount Kailash and the Kingdom of Guge

Russia - a trek amidst the Shaman of the Siberian Altai

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