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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Formosa


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TRIPS for 2011…

Umbrella dancers beneath Taipei 101,
tallest building in the world no more...

Festival revellers in Taipei Sunset view from Alishan


Sea of clouds seen whilst hiking in Alishan Worshipper in Tainan takes along
his reluctant owner!
Caravaneers at play on Sun Moon Lake

Base of Taipei 101 Lady at God of War temple, Tainan Flower display at God of War temple, Tainan


A soup by any other name Bamboo at Chikan Tower, Tainan Angelic sales staff abound in Taipei's Night Markets




Guards perform at the Martyrs Shrine in Taipei Rice paddies on Taiwan's East Coast Fishing lights near Yeliu Geoligical Park

Bottlenose dolphins, near Hualian on
Taiwan's  East Coast
Sunset at Alishan Red tongued god, Tainan
Distraction but at a price Alishan trail Guardian king glimpsed in Tainan

Sun Moon Lake
Dan reflected near the Chiang Kai Shek
memorial Hall, Taipei
Traditional teashop in Tainan

Alishan sunset Driftwood on the East Coast Priest at Longshan temple, Taipei






The approach to the infinity pool
and lake at the Lalu
Alan Chou, Head Caravaneer in Taiwan Taipei's thriving antiques Market

Temple display, Tainan Direct instructions from the Danshui council Sea scene at San Xian Tai



Wanhua Beach, Kenting Danshui cyclist Screenshot of tattooed Atayal lady
  With best wishes,

 from Phil and all aboard
The Oriental Caravan



TRIPS for 2011…

JAPAN - Hokkaido:  join us for the Sapporo Ice festival and an unforgettable winter adventure in the snowy lands of the Ainu in Japan’s far north.
A Caravan through the Land of the Ainu - starts February 6th 2011.

JAPAN - Honshu:  an exciting new off-the-beaten-track trip loosely themed on the story of Saigo Takamori, the real life ‘Last Samurai‘.
In Search of the Last Samurai - starts April 8th 2011.


TAIWAN - Swim in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy all the friendliness and culture that this fascinating, unspoilt island has to offer!
A Caravan to the Beautiful Isle - starts March 6th, October 16th, October 30th 2011.
JAPAN - Kyushu:  Our classic tour of the best that Japan has to offer sets off again next Spring just in time to catch the glories of the cherry blossom.
The Land of the Rising Sun - starts March 25th, October 3rd 2011.
JAPAN - Shikoku: For those looking for something different this unusual and singularly relaxing journey through Shikoku is scheduled for May.
In the Footsteps of Pilgrims - starts May 7th 2011.
TIBET - Ütsang: as well as exploring Lhasa, travel off the beaten track visiting some of Central Tibet’s most impressive pilgrimage sites.


The Hidden Monasteries of Tibet - starts Kathmandu 3rd September 2011


JAPAN - Tohoku: no other trip around Japan offers such variety of interest or the chance to hear Matsuo Basho’s poetry recited on location!

The Narrow Road to the Deep North - starts October 5th 2011


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