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More photos from a Caravan across the Taklamakan Desert


Cracked mudflats on the banks of the Keriya River

Entrance to Keriya's (Yutian's)
main mosque

9th Century crampons on display at Balasagun


Camel caravan in the distance

Raw silk being removed from silkworm cocoons

En route to Mazartagh


New buildings in what was part of Kashgar's old town

Grapes on sale at Kashgar Market

Khotan River (formed by the confluence of the White Jade and Black Jade Rivers) source of high quality jade for millennia is now being dredged on an industrial scale


The small dots in the middle are men working precariously on telephone wires

Ancient poplar trees

Dramatic geological formations north of Korla

Crossing the Tourgut Pass Hoarding exhorting the virtues of the paramilitary police Han Chinese tourists touring one of the last remaining parts of fabled old Kashgar, preserved for touristic purposes
The road to Tongguzbasti Main street in new Kashgar A fierce sandstorm blew up the night before our departure but fortunately was the last we would meet

Preparing to cross the Keriya river at the beginning of the trek. Quicksand was an ever present danger near the water's edge.

Campaign poster in Bishkek for the Kyrgyz elections that took place on the 10th October 2010

The official home of rice! Kashgar


Poplar shadows in the backstreets of Keriya's old town

Traditional Uighur hat

Hong Ta Shan (Red Pagoda Mountain) in Urumqi


Tongguzbasti main street

Early morning by the fire

Early morning desert scene



Baying Bactrian



The red flag of China flies over Tongguzbasti

Gnarled trees en route to Karadong

Pensive camel contemplating the day ahead


Early start in eager anticipation of more dunes

Loading up in the morning

Unexpectedly high river hinders progress to Mazartagh


Dunes, dunes,

En route to Karadong

and more dunes!


Same white rainbow with camels in the foreground

Praying towards Mecca

Approaching the Keriya River


The road to Tongguzbasti

Camel in the sunlit morning mist

Tienshan mountains seen form Bishkek

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