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More images from Beppu

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Shinto ritual

Detail from 8th century lantern, Todai-ji Temple, Nara

Giant poodle, Nagasaki

Shinto blessing, using sake, of the foundations of a new building, Akita

Buddhas head Senso ji Tokyo

Ozore crow

Miyajima deer

Buddha head, Senso-ji, Tokyo

Crow, Ozore san

Deer, Miyajima

Dog suit, Tokyo

Kyushu girl

Inari fox

Dog suit, Harajuku, Tokyo

Girl, Beppu

Scary fox, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto

Hama rikyu pines

Harajuku shop

Manicured pines at Hama Rikyu garden, Tokyo

Shop display, Harajuku, Tokyo

Okuno-in cemetary, Koya san

Inari Shrine

Ozore Itako session


Torii gates at Fushimi Inari shrine, Kyoto

Itako  medium, Ozore San

Sunset over Tokyo

Random portrait

Drowned leaf in sunlight

At prayer

Man, Beppu

Floating maple leaf, Okayama

At prayer, Kyoto

Nikko Jizo

Japanese fascists

Nagasaki Angler

Jizo statue, Ganman Fuchi Abyss, nikko

Japanese nationalists using the Tibetan national flag for their own political ends

Angling in Nagasaki harbour

Bubbling mud at Monks Head Hell in Beppu

Traditional bath, Ozore san

Old Japanese safe, using katakana instead of numbers

Beppu aligator

Alligator, Beppu

Late afternoon, Laka Tawazo, Akita

Girl attending Shinto ceremony, Suizen-ji Garden, Kumamoto

sapporo beer

Sushi Clock

Bamboo shoots

A glass of Sapporo beer

 Its sushi  time!
27 minutes past cod roe to be exact...

Chinese and Japanese bamboo on sale in Nagasaki - due to recent food scares imported bamboo is 4 times cheaper than the homegrown variety

If you ever wondered what happened to our beloved Routemaster buses - here's one in Tokyo. Come home, all is forgiven!

Mrs Yamauchi with pet, Miyaji

A night out in Miyaji


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