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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Taipei


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Visitor to the
Official God of War Temple, Tainan

Kenting Landscape Praying Mantis, Kenting National Park
For client comments from our first Taiwan departure in March 09 click here

To view these photos as a slide show click here

TOC's base
 in Taroko Gorge
Students on a day trip in Tainan
Aboriginal lady,
Taroko Gorge

Exploring the Pacific Coast
en route to Kenting

Red Powder Puff
- (Calliandra haematocephala)
View from Eluanbi,
Taiwan's 'Land's End'

Eluanbi Lighthouse Mopeds in Tainan South-East Taiwan coastline

On the trail in Taroko Gorge Unusual rock formations near Keelung Palm trees near Eluanbi

Deep in the forests of Alishan Mountain Buddha statue, Tainan
Looking Glass Mangrove (Heritiera littoralis Dryand)

Lucky charms, Tainan Wind-eroded Queen's Head in Yeliu Park, considered by locals to resemble either Egyptian Queen Nefertiti or a guilt-eroded Margaret Thatcher after the Belgrano Incident Sunset, Eluanbi

Shoes for 'bound' feet Awaiting the Taiwanese 'bullet train' in Taizhong Mountain vista on Alishan

Yushan 3,952 metres (12,966 ft),
Taiwan's highest Mountain
Sunset, Kenting Remains of 'mother father'
giant trees

Card magician en route to Kenting Taipei 101's lift, fastest in the world
at 1km/minute
Turtle Island, off Taiwan's North-East coast, framed in a doorway

Fisherwoman, near Hualian Wildlife protection sign, Green Island Taiwan's current President Ma Ying-jeou (walking behind the red-garbed priest) attending a memorial of the 2-28 Incident when many thousands of Taiwanese citizens were massacred by Chinese troops and which led to the Kuomintang's decades-long campaign of White Terror

Coastal scene, Green Island Transporting cloth
by moped in Taipei
Fish on sale, Hualian

Defaced statue of dictator
Chiang Kai Shek, Green Island
Magnified etching at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Exhibit at the 2-28 Museum, Taipei, portraying Chiang Kai Shek's
troops executing Taiwanese after
their arrival from China
Girls at the Xingtian Taoist temple
seek advice on 'fortune interpretation, Taipei
Honour guard, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


Candles, Longshan temple, Taipei Back-bearded City God,
Xia-hai Temple, Taipei
Atmospheric morning on Sun Moon Lake

Coastal scene, Green Island Wall painting, Bao-an Taoist temple, Taipei
That's all for now!

With best  wishes,

 from Phil and all aboard
The Oriental Caravan



Chief Caravaneer Phil Colley hazarding a guess on the number of known universes whilst attempting to keep afloat in the 'infinity pool' of the Lalu Hotel, TOC's base on Sun Moon Lake
Upcoming trips...

Japan - the Narrow Road to the Deep North (starts 05/10/09)

This 'tour among tours' is now guaranteed to run for 2009. This really is a special trip
and because of next year's Taklamakan expedition this may be the last year it is lead
by Phil, so if you've been thinking of it for a while, now could be the time to finally
follow in the footsteps of Matsuo Basho and take the Haiku Road to Japan's Deep North...

Taiwan - a Caravan to the Beautiful Isle (starts 25/10/09 and 28/02/10)

The November trip is now full, but we still have a few last spaces for the October 25th
and February 2010 departures.

Hokkaido - A Caravan through the Land of the Ainu (starts 07/02/10)

This exciting new destination is set to become the last of the Japanese archipelago’s
four main islands to be touched by the ever turning wheels of The Oriental Caravan.

Xinjiang - a Caravan across the Taklamakan Desert (12/10/10)

This trip will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the founding of The Oriental Caravan.
Outline details of this trip are now available online - please click here
For the detailed trip dossier - click here .

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postcard from taiwan (research trip 2008)


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