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More Photos from Japan Spring 2002


click on any image to see it enlarged


Group plus photographer, Miyajima.JPG (54564 bytes) 

Inari Torii 2.JPG (295652 bytes) 

Big group, Miyajima.JPG (46086 bytes) 

Group photographer at work, Miyajima

Fushimi Inari Temple, Kyoto

Japanese tour group, Miyajima

Barbed wire and the shadow of a tree.JPG (43467 bytes) 

Camera phone.JPG (34254 bytes) 

Covered bridge in the grounds of Tofokuji Temple, Kyoto.JPG (54588 bytes) 

Shadows, Kyoto

This mobile phone doubles as a camera and can instantly send the photos taken.

Covered bridge in the grounds of Tofokuji Temple, Kyoto

Todaiji, Nara.JPG (42046 bytes)

Momajiyama Bridge.JPG (86953 bytes)

Japan Tours with The Oriental Caravan)

Todaiji Temple in Nara (largest wooden building in the world!)

Momojiyama Park, Miyajima

Ryokan grounds, Momojiyama, Miyajima

Tiger girls.JPG (40657 bytes)

Steles, Nigatsu Do.JPG (73282 bytes)

Pop v punk.JPG (50761 bytes)

Tigers in Kyoto

Steles, Nigatsudo, Nara

Pop v. punk

More Blossom.JPG (92302 bytes)

Petalson a laptop.JPG (57233 bytes)

Phil in light.JPG (23253 bytes)

Cherry Blossom

Petals on a keyboard

Neon lights, Kyoto




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