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The Oriental Caravan's 

Postcard from Kyoto...

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Spring 2003


Dear All,

The Oriental Caravan passed much of this April travelling the highways, railways and blossomful boulevards of Japan. 

Maiko_kyoto.jpg (40252 bytes)

Mt_Fuji_acrossfield_from_train1.jpg (31351 bytes)

Geisha, Kyoto

Mount Fuji as seen from the Kyoto-Tokyo bullet train

horyuji_pagoda.JPG (51447 bytes)

Lantern_red_black2.jpg (38978 bytes)

Pagoda at Horyu Ji, the oldest extant wooden building in the world Lanterns in Kyoto

deer_laughing_Miyajima.JPG (38012 bytes)

cherryblossom_portraitcrop.jpg (75576 bytes)

Deer on Miyajima Island

Cherry blossom

inari_fox_with_bib.JPG (55441 bytes)

dog_in_sunglasses_shopwindow.JPG (32404 bytes)

Fox statue at the Fushima Inari shinto temple, Kyoto Dog mannequin modelling sunglasses, Harajuku, Tokyo
There, among  surprisingly varied flora and fauna, it found as always a country safer than most and more exotic than almost any.
With so many bridges left to be built between the shores of the wider world and those of this cypressed and cedared archipelago, the welcome for the historically unencumbered visitor can be deep. 

canalside_houses_Nagasaki.JPG (44141 bytes)

sensoji_streetscene_Tokyo.JPG (43600 bytes)

Nagasaki canal

Pagoda and incense burner at Senso Ji

stele_at_street_corner.JPG (50706 bytes)

hilltop_picnic_overlooking_.JPG (57616 bytes)

Street corner, Horyuji temple, Nara

Now and zen is the art of thinking like a fish

mushroom_star_puffball_in_hand.JPG (27210 bytes)

cookingpot_over_fire_Miyajima.JPG (48849 bytes)

Earth Star puffball mushroom, Mt. MIsen, Miyajima

Eternal fire and giant iron pot (Dai Chagama), Mt. Misen, Miyajima - the fire is said to have been lit by Kobo Daishi (774 - 835) and has been burning continuously ever since... 

incense_butts_in_sand.JPG (42979 bytes) torii_line_thru_trees.JPG (59788 bytes)

Incense burning, Senso ji temple, Tokyo

Inari shrine in the grounds of Tofukuji Temple, Kyoto
Spring is a month not just of manifold blossom but also some quite unusual mushrooms.
The practise of zen is still important...
sign_anti_war_Hiroshima.JPG (34230 bytes) torii_tunnel_with_kanji.JPG (51332 bytes)

Notice on the door of  the Hiroshima Peace Museum

Tunnel of Torii gates, Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

ricepaddle_worldslargest_Miyajima.JPG (38900 bytes) shrine_room_Miyajima_crop.JPG (45109 bytes)
The biggest wooden rice paddle in the world, Miyajima Temple entrance, Mt. Misen, Miyajima

horyuji_rooftop_crop.jpg (44764 bytes)

sign_hat_on_track_JR_platform.JPG (35208 bytes)

Temple roof, Horyuji, Nara

Safety sign, Tokyo underground

sign_sulphurous_gas_crop.JPG (58131 bytes)

umeda_skybldg_crop_Osaka.JPG (43736 bytes)

Safety sign, Mount Aso volcano Umeda Sky Building, Osaka
So much that is interesting about Japan lies in the boldness of its design and attention to detail by skilful craftsmen. 
That's all for now. Next stop is Tohoku as The Oriental Caravan follows in the footsteps of Matsuo Basho...


Best wishes,


from Phil and all aboard The Oriental Caravan


caravaneers_say_cheers_crop.jpg (49258 bytes)

backstreet_Gion_crop.jpg (30428 bytes)

Okonomi Yaki restaurant, Miyajima

Night scene, Kyoto

geisha_laughing_with_Lee.JPG (28102 bytes) buddha_miyajima_crop.jpg (66239 bytes)

Night scene, Kyoto

'Sleeping' Buddha, Daisen-in, Miyajima



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