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Postcard from Everest Base Camp

(Please click on an image to see it enlarged)



Dear All,

After rolling its way effortlessly through the mighty wall of the Himalayas The Oriental Caravan has now come to rest in the temple strewn Nepalese capital of Kathmandu.

Everest copy.JPG (43156 bytes)

Mt. Everest at sunset

Young Tibetan Monks.JPG (39895 bytes)

Two young monks

Gyangtse Kumbum.JPG (42845 bytes)

Kumbum Stupa, Gyangtse

 Leaving Lhasa we crossed the Karo La pass and travelled along the banks of Scorpion Lake to Gyangtse, perhaps the last well preserved town in Tibet and home to the great Kumbum stupa.

Pilgrims watching monks debate at Sakya.JPG (73599 bytes)

Pilgrims watch the monks debate at Sakya

It was also at the dzong or fort in Gyangtse that the British and Tibetan armies engaged in battle at the time of the Younghusband expedition back in 1904.

Gyantse.JPG (66673 bytes)

Looking across Gyangtse towards its monastery

A skeleton with a magic wand dances at Nechung Monastery.JPG (63794 bytes)

Dancing skeleton (Wall relief at Nechung 'Oracle' Monastery, Lhasa)

Conch  bracelet.JPG (31243 bytes)

Conch shell bracelet, common in the Tingri region of Tibet

In Shigatse, Tibet's second city, we visited Tashilhunpo monastery, empty home of the missing Panchen Lama. 

Pilgrim examines monastery entrance ticket.JPG (54422 bytes)

Pilgrims read a monastery entrance ticket at Sakya

As we continued our journey south  we detoured east from the main trail to visit the mighty temple complex of Sakya, home to a huge library of ancient Buddhist texts and once administrative capital of Tibet.

Turquoise Earring.JPG (43978 bytes)

Girl with turquoise earring at Sakya

Pang La copy.JPG (31416 bytes)

Crossing the Pang La en route to Everest Base Camp

Flags - Gyatso La copy.JPG (51743 bytes)

Prayer flags, Gyatso La

Some of the passes we crossed were over 5000m and thanks to clear blue skies for most of the way we were afforded some stunning views.

Rongbuk copy.JPG (32002 bytes)

Looking from Rongbuk towards Everest

A highlight of the trip, however, was definitely the visit to Rongbuk - this is the monastery that Tintin was brought to after stumbling through the Himalayas in search of his lost friend Chang.

Spinning pilgrims copy.JPG (57958 bytes)

Pilgrims spin prayer wheels at Sakya

Red copy.JPG (51304 bytes)

En route to Everest

Prayer flags copy.JPG (29011 bytes)

Prayer flags

Nearby is Everest Base Camp. Good weather forced us back from our attempt on the summit - basically it was far too sunny to waste a day climbing the highest mountain in the world - even if it was there! 

Dragon copy.JPG (72403 bytes)

Riding the Dragon

That's about it for now. The Oriental Caravan will spend the next couple of weeks researching an exciting new trek for next years programme (in the Langtang region of Nepal) and hopes to be back in the UK in mid-October. 

Until then our very best wishes are with you all,

From Phil and all aboard The Oriental Caravan 

Phil copy.JPG (40776 bytes)

Tantalizingly close! The Oriental Caravan's chief caravaneer, Phil Colley, stands inches away from the summit of Everest.

Man spinning.JPG (46661 bytes)

A spinning man spinning.

Om mani padme hum hri.JPG (55189 bytes)


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