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 Silk Road Gallery

Apricots drying, Altit Fort, Hunza Goat Silhouette, Altit Fort, Hunza Great Wall, Badaling, near Beijing
Apricots drying, Altit Fort, Hunza. Goat Silhouette, Altit Fort, Hunza. Great Wall, near Beijing.
Kashgari Baker, Xinjiang Horse testing, Kashgar Sunday Market, Xinjiang Mustagh Ata and Kar-y-Kul Lake
Kashgari Baker. Horse testing, Kashgar Market. Mustagh Ata and Kar-y-Kul Lake.
Tibetan style pagoda on the roof of Baltit Fort, Hunza, Pakistan Silk Road Camel lost in thought Ruins of Tashkorgan Fort
Roof of Baltit Fort, Hunza. Silk Road Camel. Ruins of Tashkorgan Fort.
Singing Ali, Hushe valley Uighur man, Kashgar Market Kashgar Dentistry, Xinjiang
Singing Ali, Pakistan. Uighur man, Kashgar Market. Kashgar Dentist.


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