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More Libya photos - from TOC's 2004/5 'Caravan across the Acacus'

Triploi Pipe Monument close up.JPG (24288 bytes)

Lake Gabraoun.JPG (30388 bytes)

Hatia Beehive Graves.JPG (25000 bytes)

'Pipe' monument, Tripoli

Lake Gabraoun

Hatia Beehive Tombs, Germa

Cave chase copy.JPG (30516 bytes)

Caveview thick copy.JPG (21448 bytes)

Camel rider petroglyph copy.JPG (39583 bytes)

Cave painting, Acacus mountains, Sahara 

View from saharan cave

Cave painting, Acacus mountains, Sahara 

Colonel Gadaffi Hanging in Tripoli.JPG (80636 bytes)

Dancing white and red ladies.JPG (55702 bytes)

Acacus Mountain View.JPG (98533 bytes)

Colonel Gadaffi wall hanging, Tripoli

Cave painting, Acacus mountains, Sahara 

Saharan view

Pipe Monument.JPG (30453 bytes)

Dumbo Elephant engraving.JPG (43243 bytes)

Mrs Thatcher.JPG (19574 bytes)

View of Tripoli harbour

Petroglyph, Acacus mountains, Sahara

Rock outcrop with uncanny resemblance to Margaret Thatcher

Gabraoun copy.JPG (37824 bytes)

Sabratha column.JPG (39238 bytes)

Tripoli  Bazzar.JPG (30494 bytes)


Columns Sabratha

Tripoli Bazaar

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